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Airtel Digital TV Users can now subscribe to New Channels through a Missed Call
   Aug 16, 2019 06:35 PM

According to the new scheme launched recently by Airtel Digital TV, subscribers will be able to select a new channel by just providing a missed call. Beside the SMS activation method which was already available to the customers, this is an additional method of subscription. This channel selection mechanism which is recently added reveals the operator’s enthusiasm to innovate new things. After the new tariff mandate was introduced by TRAI, Airtel Digital TV had released a new method for its subscribers to modify their channel packs through their own set top boxes. The same method was adopted by other DTH service providers later. Being innovative and customer centric, Airtel Digital TV has benefitted in terms of subscription and gained a competitive edge. 
Airtel Digital TV – Subscription through Missed Call

According to the new system launched by Airtel Digital TV, its users will be able to subscribe any channel available on the DTH platform, through a missed call. The earlier method involved sending an SMS to the DTH provider for channel subscription. The user could add a channel to his subscription by sending an “Add LCN” SMS with the LCN number of the required channel. As per the new system, users will be able to add new channels to their subscription by simply giving a missed call to 9154052### (### Represents the LCN Number of that channel).

Airtel Digital TV Brings STB Prices Down to counter competition

In order to attract more customers towards its subscription plans, Airtel Digital TV has also cut down the prices of its Set-top-boxes. Both the HD and SD versions of Airtel Digital STBs will now be available at comparatively lower prices. The operator recently announced that it will be cutting down the prices of both HD and SD STBs by nearly INR 200. The DTH service provider seeks to get more subscribers through this scheme. On the other hand Tata Sky, another Direct-to-home operator has also slashed the prices of its SD and HD set-top-boxes to reach out to a bigger number of subscribers.

New Channel Packs by Airtel Digital TV

Airtel Digital TV has recently introduced 6 new channel packs as a move to provide a wider choice to its customers. These new channel packs comes with either 6 monthly or 12 monthly subscription plans. The six channel packs introduced by the operator are Hindi Value SD pack, Gujarat Mega HD pack, Gujarat Value Sports HD, Gujarat Value Sports SD, Gujarat Mega SD pack, and UDP pack.

More than 15,000 Airtel Digital TV subscribers in June Quarter

According to a report by Bharti Airtel it was stated that Airtel Digital TV added more than 15,000 subscribers by June 30, 2019 for that quarter. It was assumed that on the basis of the tariff mandates that were announced by TRAI, the subscriptions would fall. However, with the introduction of new channel packs, lower set-top-box rates and other benefits, operators are getting more subscribers added to their list.

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